About Us

Why Acowas?

Acowas is a project that aims to build a single West African agricultural market through the internet. There are 15 countries that make up ECOWAS [The Economic Community of West African States], which is a regional political and economic union of the fifteen countries located in West Africa. It is proposed by Ecowas that the fifteen countries would have a common currency for trade. Hence, the need for a single market to effectively build a strong agricultural economy.
We believe that combining Ecommerce, Online Business Directory, and Social Media on a single platform is the most effect way to solve the agriculture problems in West Africa. With this model, members of the fifteen countries can sell, trade, market, advertise, transact business, share ideas, and collectively solve challenges. 

Our Vision

our vision is to create one single agricultural market for all West African Countries under the Ecowas umbrella.

Who we are

We work to serve the agriculture community of West African States.

Our Goal

The purpose of Acowas is to connect farmers, agribusinesses, investors, inventors, and all agriculture stakeholders in West Africa together, on a single platform.