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A Return to the Garden of Eden

From a Ghanaian Perspective  [part 1]

A Return to the Garden of Eden, A Ghanaian Perspective. [Part 1]

All the basic necessities of life are abundantly given by Mother Nature. The Air we breathe, water for supporting lives, plants for foods and medicines, animals for meats, and all the materials needed for constructing shelters are  freely provided. So why are we suffering? The people who complain bitterly about the problems in our societies without offering any meaningful solutions are even worse than the problems. For example, when a “clueless adult” talks to ten children about our daily problems, he/she creates awareness in ten minds regarding our problems. Sadly, it becomes a chain reaction. This is why most Ghanaians know the problems and challenges  facing the country, but lack the technical solutions to the problems.  Politicians and public leaders are generally perceived corrupt and tagged as  thieves, because the society is made to believe that they are the cause of our problems. Corruption is everywhere. “Man is made from dust” and as long as he eats, drinks, sleeps, and reproduces, he will forever be corrupt. The question, “why are we suffering?”, can only be answered when we gain full knowledge and understanding of the basic necessities of life, why they are very important, and how to create them. This is how we can return to the Garden of Eden and stay there permanently.


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