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Animal Farm Business in West Africa


Six Factors to Consider in the Industry:

When it comes to West Africa, meat production from animal farming plays out so differently. The climate, culture, approach to agriculture, and human capital, influence farming on a different scale, compared to the rest of the world. Legit Farms company operates on six basic factors to ensure maximum work input and sustainability.  

6 Major Factors

The 6 Major Factors to consider in the Animal Farm Business, as implemented by Legit Farm Company  

1. Onsite Farm House

providing housing for all farm workers is the first step to succeeding in the farm business. The farmhouse should at least have all the amenities needed for human living condition such as bathroom [shower and toilet], kitchen [with a fridge and food storage so the farm caretakers can cook and eat whatever they desire], a hall [with TV, internet, electronic gadgets like radio/music devices for entertainment, a small conference room [for in-house staff meetings], a laundry chamber, and bedrooms. Providing a living-standard farmhouse on site, gives the workers the maximum comfort to work effectively. Secondly, and importantly, it deters thieves from coming to the farm, knowing that people actually live on the farm. Per several cultures in West Africa, it’s okay for people to steal from farms, if the purpose is to satisfy hunger. So, if you don’t have people on the farm site 24/7, then you would have a serious theft problem to deal with. And most of the time, the means to get the workers to be on site is by providing them with comfort. The weather conditions alone are no joke. 

2. Electricity

the farm requires energy to power the farmhouse, operate machinery, pump water [operate electric boreholes], power structures and buildings that house the farm animals, to provide light, and support the use of electronics [such as charging mobile phones, computers, etc. 

3. Internet [On-Site Wi-Fi]

 away from the site, the internet helps to monitor everything on the farm. There are many apps that help to make a video call. So, in this case, the owner can have a face-to-face interaction with the farm workers, irrespective of his/her geographical location. Additionally, there are CCTV cameras with software that enables the farm owner to see every activity on the farm, on his/her phone. Practically, the use of internet enables adequate security and monitoring. The farm workers can also use the internet to acquire online information for immediate treatments, should the animals develop any strange symptoms of disease. It’s also gives the platform to market the farm to the world. ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’, the workers who live on site can connect to the social and entertainment media world. In all, the internet provides entertainment, information, security, and market exposure.   

4. Borehole

for unlimited supply of clean and uncontaminated water, the farm requires a borehole. A river or stream can be polluted. There is an instance where ‘Farmer A’ lost hundreds of farm animals, as a result of water contamination by ‘Farmer B’. ‘Farmer B’ who had previously lost his farm animals to a strange disease, dumped the dead animals in the very same river ‘Farmer A’ used to feed his animals. It’s very advisable to protect your investments. 

5. Farming for Food Production

feeding comes with a high cost. Feeding cost is directly proportional to the number of farm animals. This means an increase in animal production, means an increase in feeding cost. Additionally, it requires money to transport purchased feed to the farm. But the challenges associated with feeding can be solved, if the farmer grows his/her own feed. The farmer can also control the animal wastes, by using them as manure or fertilizer to grow the plants for food. To maintain a fixed cost, or prevent high feeding costs, the farmer has to plant food for the animals. Legit Farm has its own maize/corn and cassava farms. 

6. Farm Trucks

 from construction to maintenance, a truck is required to transport materials needed to work in the farm. And not just farm materials, but workers as well. Transportation cost can be a huge problem, hence the need to have one. This is because, lands for farming are often located far distance from commercial areas. 


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