Descriptive Analysis

 Pig milk is the milk naturally produced by pigs. By composition, it is very similar to that of a cow. A pig milk contains a fat percentage of 8.5 as compared to 3.5% of fat in cow’s milk. This means that, in percentage wise, a pig milk has a fat of 5% more than a cow’s. Despite the small difference in fat percentage, mathematically there is approximately 59% change in fat composition [((8.5-3.5)/8.5) x 100%] although they are different biological species.
The production difference in pigs is that pigs with high intake of protein-consumption produce more milk than pigs on low-protein diets. Also, the level of colostrum, in terms of protein, fat, and lactose is about the same in cow milk. But pig milk is more watery than that of a cow’s. And compared to goat milk, pig milk is more gamy [gamy: has a strong flavor or smell of the animal, i.e the pig in this case.


 Pig milk cheese is a special delicious cheese made with pig milk. 


 It is pointed out that Susanna Montgomery, the Countess of Eglinton, used to wash her face with pig milk and drink it. Historically, she made strong recommendation of it to others with the believe that it would help retain one’s figure and complexion.


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